The group is an non governmental organization founded about 20 years ago it was registered by cooperate affairs commission, with the  headquarter in Kaduna and zonal offices across the entire country, the aim of of group maintain outmost security in the country, our organization pullout all stop to curb up crime must specially in this current security upsurge, we out to protect people‘s, property and maintain law and order, breed  peace and prosperity in our dear country, we have our member in the nook and crannies of the country. When ever vehicle broke down or any related valuables we make sure are secure, we also provide security is all route around rural areas across the country.  We escort people whom fear social treat to their home. We deploy our securities in any social gathering. We have about 400 (four hundred) members in each local government of 774 of the country, before recruit any member we make sure he must go through thoural    scrutiny patterning his background, orientation, rationality, and other formal criterion  we also team up with  various government paramilitary to champion security, we pray for god support, people cooperation to achieve this course.


Role of Vigilante group

–          To reduce criminal acts

–          To protect lives and properties

–          To assist in accident or any other occurrence of natural disasters

–          To arrest and hand over suspected criminals to the police.

–          To provide intelligent information to the police.